viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

☀'oh no.. not again.. ⚛

"Who the hell are you for me
but a mortal dream to see"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
finally I decided to update here :P I haven't been busy, I was just lazy @___@
ohh spring is here! I don't like it LOL maybe it's my least fav season.. is too hot! well, these two days have been a little bit cold, so I guess that's okay :P but hot days are coming and I don't like it >____<

anyway, I had a good day! I played with my nephew and niece, we started playing with a little bit of water, then we ended really wet.. I hope we won't get sick u____u

otherwise, my mom got an small cupcake for me n____n it was a chocolate one with blue frosting, it tasted good but not heavenly like I's wished :P

Rica Lip Balm and Hand/Nails Cream by AVONDistroller
my mom gave me these a few days ago and I find the cream really useful, it makes my hands softer and helps to take care of my nails, plus is really cheap; the lip balm is amazing, my lips are softer when I use this one it has karité and vitamins
they are the same I showed you time ago (go here), of course, these have a different design but not less cute n____n

also when I went to rent movies I got a CRUNCH chocolate bar, maybe not my fav but is delicious!

speaking about movies, here are the ones I watched these past few days n____n

The Hangover part II: time ago I watched the fisrt part ('cause I was not really interested at this trilogy..) and I really wanted to watch the 2nd part, so that's why I rented it; I have to say is really really funny and listening to it in spanish is one of the best things ever, I love all the bad words they say :P

The Hangover part III: I had to watch this one to finish the trilogy (well, maybe there'll be another one, who knows?), this one is funny but, to be honest, is not what I was expecting.. if you ask me, I prefer the first part or even the second; for me this is not the best of the trilogy..

Frozen: yeah, I was one of the few people who didn't watch it when it came out on november (or was december?), I wanted to watch it but I don't go to cinema to watch animated movies so I waited and finally watched it :P
I have to say I loved it!  is funny and it sends a good message.. ohh and I loved Elsa (even if she doesn't appear so much) is my fav character, she's perfect!

well, I think that's all for now, sorry for the short entry, I don't have tons of pictures x____x
thanks for passing by :P
Laters, babies

Nightwish - Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean♫