lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

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hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, I came to update here really fast :P
I've been uhm.. not exactly what you call busy.. is just that I've been playing a super nice game and it has my whole attention..

this time I don't have edited pictures T____T but I'm gonna try to make a better entry next time :P

so, about this game I've been playing.. I found it the other day and I'm currently obsessed with it >____<

Papa's Cupcakeria by Flipline Studios
I already played the other games, but I saw this was about cupcakes.. well, this is my kind of game LOL
in this game you run a cupcakes' store, you bake and decorate them according to customer's choice..

I noticed that in this game you pass through a whole year! I mean, it has the 4 seasons and some holidays :P is just super cute!

I took some snapshots (sorry about it, is just too cute!)

St. Paddy's Day
(special toppers: Mint Bars, Chocolate Coins, Shamrocks,
Pistachio Syrup and Mint Chips)

(special toppers: Candy Eggs, Sugar Tulips, Candy Bunny Ears,
Cotton Candy Syrup and Jelly Beans)

Onion Fest
(special toppers: Candy Balls, Sugar Onions, Gummy Onions,
Blurp Syrup and Poppers)

Summer Luau
(special toppers: Banana, Paper Umbrella, Candy Pinapples,
Honey Syrup and Beach Chips)

4th of July (or something like that, sorry!)
(special toppers: Candy Fireworks, Sugar Stars, Flags,
Popsicle Syrup and Stars Chips)

well, I don't remember what the names of the special toppers are >____< sometimes they have weird names LOL but I did my best! and there you can see the standard stuff it has to decorate the infamous cupcakes :P
I forgot to take a snapshot of Valentine's Day >____< but maybe, when I complete the year, I'll be able to play on VDay, who knows? :P
I'm currently on Baseball Season.. but I'm gonna talk about it later n____n
I don't really know why I love this kind of games, they are just super cute!

well, sorry about this quick entry u____u I'm gonna edit it later..
so, that's all for now, thanks for passing by/reading :P
Laters, babies

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