jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

°○ glittery madness✞

"Once there was a child's heart
the age I learned to fly
and took a step outside"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ohh I've been a little bit away from here.. plus I don't have pictures LOL
anyway, I feel a little bit bad right now, my back hurts a lot T____T since uhm.. past week? well, more than a week with this freaking pain x____x

so, my mom and my sis got something for me like two weeks ago n____n

Nail Polish in Neon Orange Mango
does that color even exist? I haven't tried it yet, 'cause, honestly, I want to pain my nails or easter :P so I don't know how it looks like on my nails; but I'll figure it out later..

Nail Polish in Purple
I love purple and this shade is amazing; I love all shades of purple but deep ones are my favorites :P
to be honest, I wanted to paint my whole nail with it but it was a mess! the polish didn't stay on its place so I removed it twice before I thought in another way to paint my nails..
I think that was the only problem I had with it, I hope it works better next time..

this is the way I found to use it: it didn't work on my whole nail, so I decided to make a gradient effect.. is the second time I do this, so it wasn't perfect, I think it was not even good LOL
I added a glittery top coat, so it doesn't look so uhm.. simple..

well, I don't have so much to say this time, so I guess that's all for now :P
Laters, babies

Nightwish - Dark Chest Of Wonders