jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

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"I'll find the places where you hide
I'll be the dawn on your worst night"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
hope you're having a great time :P
well, I wanted to update before but I've been busy playing an old Zelda videogame on my NDS, reading and my phone doesn't want to work (again) and that drives me mad.. right now I'm not in mood..

anyway, since some months ago I've been renting some tv series n____n and watching some movies.. so.. here we go!

Game of Thrones (Season 1 & 2)
ok, I love GoT so much! I don't know why I love tv series with blood and some sex scenes.. this one is so interesting and I'm dying to read the books!! my favorite character is Daenerys ohmygods she's a badass! I hope at the end she gets the iron throne.. for me, she deserves it :P

Supernatural (Season 1, 2 & 3)
in my country the channel that was responsable to play the tv series just took them off from air since some years ago; I only watched some episodes (not even one season..) and I really wanted to watch them all, this is my kind of show: it has action and supernatural characters, just love it!

Once Upon A Time (Season 1)
I only watched the 2nd and (actually) the 3th seasons so I rented the 1st one beacuse I missed it and yeah, I loved it! I was dying to see Maleficent n____n and to know everything about the curse and the characters

White House Down: at first I thought it was about aliens (I don't know why I relationed it with Independence Day) but I was wrong; it's a good movie but I won't watch it again, I didn't like it that much.. it's full of action and is very interesting

Come Out And Play: I don't even know why the fuck I rented this one, is BORING! ohmygods I totally regret that I watched it u____u all the time I was like what the fucking fuck.. I don't even know if it was about a posession or what..

Rush: uhm.. I think this one is really boring; my mom wanted to watch it so I watched it too; the last part of the movie was pretty exciting but most part of the movie got me sleepy..

We're the Millers: at the beginig I didn't want to watch it, but at the end I really liked it :P is very funny! and they say a lot of bad words LOL so that made it perfect!

Riddick: uhm.. I enjoyed the 5 minutes of Karl Urban LOL the movie is very boring, I don't even know why I watched it..

uhm.. sorry about this shitty entry, but I don't have time and I don't have pictures :P
I promise I'll make a nice one the next time!
Laters, babies

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