lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

❥happy new year '❆

"Life is great without a care
We aren't caught up in your love affair"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
long time without updating :P is just because I don't have new pictures, my phone is failing a lot u____u and my camera doesn't work LOL so I don't know what to do :|

well, I decided just to show two present I got for xmas :P yep, two books n____n'

The Awakening: Volume I (The Vampire Diaries Series) by L.J. Smith
ok, so I already have the second book so I wanted so badly the first; I really like The Vampire Diaries and I heard the books are way better than the tv series, so I wanted to read this saga..
I have to say I was expecting another book u____u but this one is okay :P I'm just waiting for january to start reading it n____n'

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
I love the Lord of the Rings (even knowing I haven't read the books yet..) so when the movie (The Hobbit: an unexpected journey) came out I was dying to watch it, and most important, to read the book n____n
I'm also waiting for january to read it :P

talking about The Hobbit, guess who went to watch it? yeah, me!

The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug: I waited a lot to watch it anf finally I was able to do it! ohmygods this movie is perfect! I love the fact they gave us Legolas! and Tauriel.. ohshit what a badass.. I think is better than the first part now I'm dying to watch the next one.. I srly can't wait T_____T

Baby Lips by Maybelline on 30 Peach Kiss
I finally got another Baby Lips *-* I wanted this one since some time ago, I like peach scented/flavored stuff and I love purple haha so maybe that's the reason why I wanted to get it..
I have to say the smell is amazing and it doesn't leave color on my lips (which is perfect) but I'm afraid is not what I expected, I prefer the Quenched or the Peppermint versions..

anyway, the end of the year is here! I can't believe another year passed by..
ohh so many things happened, most of them not so good, but at the end that doesn't matter..
what really matters now is to start the new year with a good attitude and do your best..

today I made a new nail art (I wanted to pain my nails yesterday but I was sick..), is not perfect, I don't like the result, but there's no time to make another one :P

this time I did a Galaxy nail art :P
it was easy to make but my white polish is a mess, maybe that's why they look so horrible..
I used navy blue as base, then added white, metallic celeste, metallic purple and metallic bright pink.. at the end I used a glitter polish as a top coat :P nothing too complicated n____n'

that's all for now mates :P thanks for a wonderful year, I hope all your wishes come true
so see you next year!
Laters, babies

Lorde - Royals♫