miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

❄' merry Christmas❣ ☃

"When you're still waiting for the snow to fall
it doesn't really feel like Christmas at all"

hello hello
ohh sorry! one week without new entries.. time just passed by so fast! I really wanted to write an entry yesterday but when I noticed it was too late T____T
I hate being so busy >____<

anyway, finally I'm gonna show my christmas tree :P sorry for the delay!

yeah, as I told you past year, my tree is black and I love it!  it was hard, but at the end I convinced my mom to let me deco the tree with Jack's faces!
from The Nightmare Before Christmas *-*

those were the ornaments I made for weeks! sometimes it was very hard to paint them (first white, then draw the face and add black colour, put a lot of glittler in they eyes and mouth..) but I finished them in time :P
as you maybe can see, not all the expressions are the same, my sis and I made different faces n____n ohhh I love my tree isn't it look super cool?? for me is the best xmas tree ever :P

I noticed I still had my last year xmas nail art O___o I think I didn't uploaded it past xmas, right? ohh but now is the right moment to post them :P

I remember I spent a lot of time making them! I watched some YT tutorials, they weren't perfect, they looked okay..
in my left hand I painted the "faces", what goes "up" and in my right hand what goes "below" (like the body LOL)

well, I also did a new design for this year :P at the begining I wanted something different and more "glamorous" but I didn't like the result, so I removed all and went for something easy..

I used my holographic silver polish as a base, then in four nails I painted some christmas lights, I used green, purple, yellow, pink and blue
in the ring finger I painted a green xmas tree with some ornaments.. very easy to make n____n'

I made a very easy nail art, just because I take care of my sis' new puppy and he bites me a lot T____T plus, time was running >____<

anyway, I don't know if I'm gonna post my xmas presents.. they are not what I expected, to be honest I'm a little bit disappointed u____u
so, thanks for passing by/reading; wish you a merry christmas :P
Laters, babies

Coldplay - Christmas Lights♫