jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

what a time to be alive

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Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry, hope you're doing great! I've been quite busy reading a new book (yes, another one :P but not gonna talk about it today, sorry!) and feeling kinda sick.. but luckily I'm great!

I wanted to do an entry before, but I had to wait to make it today, why? well, the season finale of The Flash! *-* and.. also of another tv series..

anyway, today my niece brought one of her books 'cause I asked her if she could loan it to me.. so now I have a nother book to read!! I can't wait to start with it.. maybe I'll start it tomorrow, who knows?

okay, we better start with this!

first, let me talk about The Flash season finale.. it just ended a few minutes ago! and I'm still in shock..
I've been saying for a while that this is one of the bests tv series currently airing.. I'm srly in love with it!

The Flash 2x23 "The Race of His Life"
okay, this season was AMAZING, and every episode took my breath away, specially after the mid season finale.. ohgods I love The Flash!

through the final episodes we finally discover the face behind the Zoom mask! and oh boy, it was a big shock but I have to say I had my theory and I was kinda right.. I love how they manage to put all the strings together..

okay, time for spoilers!


first of all, Barry's dad death.. oh! it was really reallt sad! I cried!
ohmygods Flash and Zoom started to race and I was like "what? WHAT?" I was so worried about my baby Flash T__T and when he made his "time remanent" it was amazing! plus his sacrifice.. ohgods Barry is the best!

then the shock of the man in the iron mask! ohhh the real Jay Garrick (who we also had a theory about! that time when Barry's dad mentioned his mom's maiden name was 'Garrick' the theory came to me) looked exactly like Henry Allen! from Earth-3! (another theory I had, The Flash is makiing me have a lot of theories..)

and then.. Barry talking to Iris *-* and she sayin "I'll wait" ohgods that was really sweet.. and then BAM! that finale.. Barry changing the whole fucking timeline! what's wrong with you Barry? like, srly? do you realize that maybe, just maybe, there's the chance you won't be The Flash? what's wrong with you?

he fucked up everything and that was the biggest plot twist of the whole freaking series! so.. anything of that is going to happen? they changed the whole story! what the fuck?

in one hand I'm shocked and hyperventilating but in other hand I'm mad about the timeline.. so, Roney is coming back? Barry will be the Flash? Iris and Barry will be together? Eddy's coming back? I need to know!


so, yes, I really love the Flash and right now I'm thinking about the upcoming movie.. is it going to be as awesome as the series? what are they going to do to make it as good? well, I guess we'll have to wait and see..

okay okay, now I'm gonna talk about the other tv series' season finale.. Legends of Tomorrow!
I have to clarify something: in the previous entry I made a huge mistake 'cause I thought past week was the season finale and oh surprise, it was today, luckily I watched it complete so I didn't miss a thing..

Legends of Tomorrow 1x16 "Legendary"
well, I have to say that this series is not as cool as others it was okay but it had some episodes that I found quite boring..
one thing that made me mad was the thing about Carter.. how could they make that to him?

about the characters, oh boy, I really love Sarah! she's amazing *-* even if I never watched Arrow (okay, only once and that was because of The Flash) I think she's one of the best characters of this series..
I also like Kendra and Carter! the others are like just okay for me.. I wasn't able to connect with most of them tho :|

this episode was full of action and I was biting my nails all time long!
I don't know if I can talk about this episode without spoilers, so here they come, sorry!


I was still sad about Captain Cold T__T but I was glad to see his good side (well, it was not the first time we saw it, right?).. so I missed him in this episode.. what the hell, I'll miss him in the next season too

Laurel's sister died.. and she wanted to go back in the time to save her.. but if she did, she was going to die instead.. uhm.. I don't know what to think about that :| I'm not an Arrow person, so I don't know her story so well..

My babies Kendra and Carter! I was hoping for the team to rescue them.. gladly they did and everything got fixed before Vandal completed his work..

talking about Vandal.. ohmygods that thing the team did.. travel in time to defeat him at three different times at once.. woah, just woah! I was kinda confused by this, but once they explained it better I completely got it :P

and wow! the way they defeated him! again, Sarah was the best of the best :P but seeing Kendra and Carter fighting.. damnit that was like heaven to me haha

then Rip's sacrifice.. ohmygods it was so emotional and I thought he was dead! gladly he fooled us all and he survived!

the ending was so good for me.. Kendra and Carter going to live their life together.. ohh sweet!
sadly the team lost them but I was glad they understood and let them fly away..
then.. who's that in the Waverider? Rex Tyler? what did he mean when he said "you sent me"? ohmygods! also he mentioned something weird, something about Justice League? uhm.. what?!


okay, so at the end I was glad to see a "closure" to the main plot of the season, and, rumor has it, some new characters are coming! and some others are sayin' bye bye..
honestly I don't know if I'm excited for the next season or not, this series was good but not great and I'm not like dying to see what's coming next..

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry it took me so much time to edit this.. is just that I was lazy haha and I forgot to do it before.. but here is it! :P

anyway, thanks for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a great week n__n

bye bye!