miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Things couldn't stay the same forever

-The Summer I Turned Pretty ~ Jenny Han

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great, I've been quite busy these days, but finally I'm here with a new entry :P

well, summer is here and I wanted to read a book related to it.. so I decided to start a trilogy and I bet you already know which one is it..
otherwise, another tv series got its season finale! and yes, I'm gonna talk about it too

I really don't have so much to say, so we better start with this :P

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
okay, as you know I didn't like so much "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" but I decided to try this trilogy anyway; I read in so many sites that these books (Summer) are better than the "duology" (well, it's now a trilogy.. pfft!)..

now, first of all, I have to say that I wasn't expecting so much of this book, but still I was a little bit disappointed of it, why? well, I found it quite boring since the firsts pages but I kept on reading 'cause I really wanted to give it a try

I wasn't able to connect with the characters and I think the main one, Belly, was really annoying and I think everything about her was wrong, I even thought I was reading a 12 years old girl love life and I got kinda sick of it..
and I didn't fall for the boys as I usually do, Conrad and Jeremiah were so plain that almost bored me too T__T

plus the plot was not good enough for me and, as happened with the characters, I couldn't get attached to it: the story settles in summer, in the beach.. and those, let me tell you, are things I can't stand, I just hate hot days and sun and beach.. maybe I shouldn't read a book with those elements, right? but I did it anyway and I was desesperate to finish it

so, in general, I didn't like the book and I'm thinking in a very serious way if I should read the next two books or not, 'cause this one sucked for me..

anyway, as I said up there another tv series had its season finale..

Once Upon A Time 05x23 "An Untold Story"
okay, I have to start saying that this series is not as good as it used to be time ago T__T why? well, I really liked 2nd season (the one I watched first) and then I watched the 1st season and I fell in love!
I really enjoyed 3rd season 'cause we had more Hook and let me tell you, he's so damn handsome!
season 4 was kinda boring and then this one was uhm.. interesting, at first..

honestly this one got quite boring and I don't know if the next one will be worth to watch or not..

my second favourite ship was Rumbelle and it was really sad and disappointing to see the truth: it's not a freakin' ship, not anymore.. their relationship was so fucked up and I ended up hating Rumple, my poor and beloved Belle is not enough for him.. what a shame!

BUT, if there is something I love to see is my ship, one of my OTPs: Captain Swan
that ship sails itself, uh? it's always a pleasure to see them together.. I guess that's the only reason why I keep on watching OUAT..

this episode was not the exception: it was boring and I stopped paying attention to it at times, so I don't really have so much to say about it; but, am I excited for the next season? not really, maybe I'll watch the firsts episodes but if it gets boring then I guess I'll have to quit it u__u

otherwise I went shopping with my mom and I got something super cool!

those tapes are super pretty! they have glitter! there were another designs but I loved those three *-* plus they were cheap, how could I resist them?

oh well, the entry ended up longer than I thought it would be.. sorry about that!
I'm thinking about making an entry about the tv series I quit.. but that will have to wait :P
anyway, thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful week!

bye bye