sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

a glimpse into hell

-The Kill Order ~ James Dashner

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry, hope you're doing great! I've been quite busy doing this and that.. but finally I'm here :P okay, sorry for the late entry u__u is just that I wanted to make it after I finished the book I was reading but it took me one more day than I planned it ¬¬

yes yes, I read a book, again.. honestly this one was not in my "to read list" but my niece loaned it to me! so I had to say "fuck the list, I'm reading this one asap"..
I don't own this book and I wasn't going to buy/read it soon, so this time she was my saviour and I think I'll buy it one day just to "complete the collection"

well, we better start with this!

The Kill Order by James Dashner
this is one of the two (three in a while) complementary books of the Maze Runner trilogy: this is the prequel of the story we already know

I have to say I don't really know what I was expecting but this book kinda disappointed me; maybe I wanted to know more about the sun flares (not only in the "flashback" or "dreams" way..) or Thomas' previous life (when he was working with WICKED).. I don't really know T__T

sometimes the story was really interesting and other times it was just boring, I think some chapters are the same and don't tell us anything new, they are there just because.. but it was goo to find out the truth about the Flare and see how it started and how people dealt with it

this time I wasn't able to connect with the characters, I don't have a favourite (maybe Alec would be the best for me.. but it's like meh) and none of them left a "mark" in me..

as I said before it wasn't a great book for me, it was just "good" and sometimes I couldn't put it down 'cause it was too interesting and exciting to stop reading it; but I insist: I wanted more of it..

ohh and here goes an small spoiler, sorry!

is Deedee the real name of Teresa? we did really read Teresa's previous life?
I've been having that thought since I finished the book, could Deedee really be Teresa?
some people say she really is, and you know what? I like to think she is

otherwise, some days ago my sis bought me a new coin purse (it seems that I would never have enough of them) and I have to say I'm in love with it *-*

Cookie coin purse [offbrand]
isn't it super cute? ohmygods I love it! I could eat it :P it even looks like a plushie! I just can't stop saying how pretty and kawaii it is!

as you probably know, my sis and I have developed some kind of "love" for watching horror movies at midnight.. sometimes we watch two per week, but mostly just one.. this time I'm gonna talk about the lastest two movies we watched..

The Forest (2016)
well, I wanted to watch this when it came out but sadly no one ever want to go with me to teathers, so I always have to wait T__T
even if I love Natalie Dormer this movie was just okay, not scary but kind of weird; at the end of it I was like "what the heck just happened?"; I wasn't sure if the main character was seeing things or if they were actually real, sadly I wanted to find out if she was making out everything or not :P

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
FINALLY! I was dying to watch this one *-* why? well, I love Pride and Prejudice (book and 2005 movie) and when I knew there was a book with zombies I was totally in (okay, I'll read this one soon, primise!) and then the upcoming movie.. DAMN IT, I wanted to watch it so badly..
sadly, again, I had no one to go with so I waited, and waited, and waited..
what can I say about it? is funny as hell, I guess as a "parody", they exaggerate every character's character, so you can imagine how ridicuous some of them are
even if I thought the story was going really fast I really liked it, I enjoyed every second of it!

well. I guess that was all for now.. hope you enjoyed the entry as I did writing it :P
I still have a lot of entries to edit Y__Y and I swear I'm doing my best! sorry if it takes me a while..
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful night/day

bye bye!