jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

You're lost because you follow blind leaders

-X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry!
as you can see thanks to the title, this is gonna be about the newest movie I went to watch: X-Men: Apocalypse!

so, as you already know, I went to the midnight showing! I was kinda excited 'cause I really like the X-Men! so I was dying to watch it *-*

again, this is the first time I go to a midnight showing of an X-Men movie (I watched the previous two on theaters too but not at that hour :P)

okay okay, we better start with this!

well, we got there not so early 'cause I was checking on the theater's web site how many tickets were left and I saw it was not going to be too crowded..

anyway, about the movie.. I really love X-Men (yeah, the previous trilogy too) so it was pretty obvious that I wanted to watch this new movie.. and ohgods I really liked it!

the first scene, for me, was amazing and thanks to it I realised I was going to love the whole movie.. and I have to say I kind of fell in love with one of the mutants from that scene.. I've been trying to know who she was but no idea T__T bad luck I guess!

this movie is obviously bigger and more ambitious than the previous one and we are able to see more mutants from Xavier's school (which I totally like)
the plot is easy to follow and I saw some character development, thanks to that you can easily see why the characters take the choices they make..

for me it's the best of the trilogy, why? well, besides the effects, the main reason is: Storm haha
yes, Ororo is one of my favourite mutants! so when I knew she was going to appear in this movie I was totally in for her, also I loved her look! she looked amazing *-*

I could talk and talk about the new and old mutants for hours, so I guess I'm not gonna do it 'cause I don't want the entry to be really long.. in a few words, I liked most of them (old and new) and I was glad to see some character development in some of them..
but it's a shame that we cannot see much about some other mutants and their abilities..

I feel like I have to talk about En Sabah Nur (aka Apocalypse), he looked great and I'm so glad they decided to change his looks, but I'm not 100% sure about him 'cause I don't think he looks frightening, I mean, I didn't feel chills when I saw him..

also I have to say that he didn't shine the way he was supposed to, and I truly believe that Quicksilver stole the screen: he was so freakin' a amazing! and loved his sense of humor; HIS scene was one of the bests of the movie

and I think I have to do an special mention: Mystique.. well, she's one of my favourite mutants and I totally love JLaw.. it was a surprise to find out (thanks to the previous movies) that she was part of the X-Men but I'm not sure if I like her more as a hero or a villain..
now that I talk about her, I have to say that before the movie even came out, some people was complaining about her looks, "why she's not blue anymore? wasn't she happy and pround to be blue?" well, I was glad to see how in the movie they (or well, she) answer that, and you can undertand the reason why she is not blue most of the time

and, yes, I'm gonna mention Wolverine.. ohgods it was amazing! and I cannot wait to watch his upcoming film! is a shame that it'll be the last one but c'est la vie!

anyway, my general opinion about it is that the movie itself is great and I liked it alot!
I would love to have this new trilogy in my collection 'cause I like it way more than the previous one (yes, I'm one of those few persons that like the first trilogy..);, I can't wait to watch it again :P

okay, I guess that's all I'm gonna say about the movie.. now, let's go to the important thing: they had special plastic glasses and I obviously got one!


I picked up this one 'cause it has Quicksilver, I think it's a shame they didn't put Mystique/Raven in none of the glasses! x__x

aaaand yes, this time I painted my nails *-* I wanted something easy and that looked pretty, and obviously I didn't want to make the same desing I made for the previous movie.. so I decided to do Mystique nails!

I used blue as a base colour, put some matte top coat and then added some dots and lines with a darker shade of blue to simulate Mystique skin..
I used some orange acrylic paint to make her hair, then used red and some orange polish to gave it a better look..
they were easy to do and I really liked how they ended up looking like!

ohh I was forgetting about this, I saw something super fabulous that I had to take a picture of it..

Who you gonna call? yes! the Ghostbusters symbol on the floor! haha I can't wait to watch the upcoming movie!

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry! it was gonna be longer haha but I started to delete it.. to make it look better :P and yes, no spoilers this time!
anyway, hope you enjoyed it, even if it was only a little bit..
as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a great week!

bye bye