sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

you can't change the past

-Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I feel kinda excited 'cause finally I'm able do this entry!
of course, it's not like I have tons and tons of stuff to show or tell.. is just that I wanted to make it :P

first of all, this week was the season finale of one of my beloved tv series! but I watched it today haha because my oldest sister loves it as well and we watched (finally!) together the whole season!
and yesterday I went to watch a movie! yes, again.. I feel like I should start living in the cinema.. luckily for me there are plenty of movies I want to watch this year (and next.. and the next..)

okay okay, we better start with today's entry!

finally Alice Through the Looking Glass is here! my niece wanted to watch it so I went with her!
uhm.. time for a little secret though.. I've never read Alice's adventures in Wonderland and through the looking glass!! I know! what a disappointment, right? I've been wanting to read it since some years ago but I want to get a copy and I always tend to pospose it T__T

well, I have always loved Alice (I totally love the animated movie), so when the first live-action movie came out and I saw it was a Tim Burton's film I freaked out, sadly it was not my favourite movie after all.. so when I saw it was gonna have a sequel I wasn't so excited about it..

the day came and the sequel is here and guess what? I liked it a lot! I'm even thinking I liked it more than the previous one!

the movie is so colourful that it hurts haha and the effects look incredible, the plot is really easy to follow and I like how funny it is; it also made me tear up a little.. I like the message it gives and Alice's character development was the best thing in the whole movie

Alice clearly demonstrates that no matter what other people say or think, you always have to be true to yourself; I totally love how she doesn't need a love interest to be an strong and powerful woman, she is afraid and makes mistakes but she's wise enough to learn from them and make things better in the future

so yes, we can say I liked and enjoyed a lot the movie :P
plus, I got something with me!

they were selling plastic glasses! and you already know how much I love those *-* my collection is growing so fast! there were only two desings: my niece took the Mad Hatter one and I took the Alice one..
at first I was kinda sad about not getting the Hatter one but then I was so glad and happy with my choice: Alice rocks!

well well.. as I said in the begining, this week was the season finale of a tv series I really like T__T and as usual, I'm gonna talk about it!

Supernatural 11x23 "Alpha and Omega"
yes! YES! Supernatural! *-* it became one of my favourite tv series and now I'm in love with it..
I'm so lucky that my oldest sister loves it as well and it was fantastic that we watched it together!

I honestly never imagined how this season was going to end, 'cause everything seemed so fucked up haha they were in a BIG distress!

as usual I love my Winchesters and I was kinda shocked but happy to see all the characters united, like "really? ohgods this is going to be fun" BUT if I'm 100% honest, I wanted to see some Destiel!

okay, what would this be without some spoilers? haha sorry but I feel like I have to!


first of all, what the hell happened with Lucifer? did Amara kill him or just shook him off Castiel vessel?
ohh and Chuck.. ohmygods! he's God! so they lied to us! Chuck never existed (as human) and was always God.. what the hell? I never saw that coming..

it made me cry to see Dean was willing to sacrifice himself for everyone else, it was heartbreaking.. but that's the way my baby is!
if I have to be honest, what the hell happened with the way everything ended? I felt like Amara was feeling kinda guilty, right? and then her line "I didn't do that/that's not my fault" (about the sun dying 'cause God was dying) like, "what? yes, it's your fault! you did it, we saw you, don't lie!"; and then bam! everything suddenly was okay after Chuck apologized as well as her; really? the answer to all was to talk about their feelings and being a happy family? well, never thought it was possible haha

then the men of letters taking away Sam T__T our poor baby! luckily they all think Dean is gone and won't look out for him, so he can go and save the day :P
finally, that ending.. ohmyfuckinggods! srly? their mom? what? I can't believe it!


well, I guess that was all for now, the entry is longer than I expected it to be haha but whatever..
hope you didn't freak out about how insane I often sound haha and also I hope you liked or enjoyed this!
as always, thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice week!

bye bye!