jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

you are scored on my heart

-Me Before You

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry n___n hope you're doing great! I've been quite busy reading (yes, again!), and I'm thinking that if I keep with this rythm I'll accomplish my 2016 reading challenge faster than I thought, maybe in june :P

anyway, I also feel a little bit sad/disappointed 'cause I was going to watch a movie today but I had to change my plans, so I guess next week I'll do it, maybe it was for the best.. who knows?

as you can see I don't have so much to tell this time, I'm still in shock thanks to the book ._. so let's start with this

okay, before I talk about the book I have to say something important: according to my listed books on Goodreads, this is my 100th read book!

honestly I started to read a different book (I was on page 15 so no big deal..), but then I saw that and I had to change my mind 'cause I wanted to be special haha so I choose a better one :P

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
okay, hands on the table, I didn't know about this book until I watched the trailer 'cause I saw Emilia and Sam haha I kept on watching it and I was like "oh", "oh no", "oh no no NO" and then I read the comments on it and people were talking about the book: that it was like TFioS and that it was really good, so I got curious about it..

before reading the book I honestly thought it was going to tore my heart appart, and guess what? I was fucking right T__T

the plot was easy to follow and I liked to read something with a "taboo" theme (I'm not gonna say the key word or which theme it is, I don't want to give an spoiler, sorry!)

for me, the whole book was a roller coaster; I laughed and then I cried; but I really loved this book! since some time ago I didn't give 5 stars on Goodreads to a book, until this one..

it was easy to read and well writen, the characters showed some kind of evolution and I felt a little bit connected with the main character, Lou; let's say I understood her but at the same time I did not 'cause I thought she was making bad choices but let's face it: life is like that, sometimes we do it right and others we don't

and now, Will.. what can I say about him? well, he was amazing; and I know some people would not understand him but I think I did; it was hard to accept the choices he made but I totally get why he did it

the ending.. ohmygods I just can't talk about it, okay? I'm just gonna say I cried a lot and it totally ripped my heart out of my chest; it was too beautiful and.. ohhh I can't think about it, I just started to weep and my eyes are teary now x__x

would I recomend this book? well, yes, totally! but if you are looking for or think this is a romance/happily ever after story, well, sorry, but it's NOT; yes, it's a love story but it's also a tragic one

don't get me wrong, I enjoyed and loved reading this book and yes, probably I'll go watch the movie 'cause I really want to cry for the rest of my life haha and now I can't wait to read the next book (which I got as a loan from someone!) and keep on crying for a while..

I had another image but.. I forgot to edit it haha so I guess I'll come back later to finish the entry correctly..

well, that's all for now.. sorry about the short entry, I don't have so much to say/show.. hope I wasn't too annoying while I talked about the book :P
thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice week!

bye bye!