martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Love is scary: it changes, it can go away

- To All the Boys I've Loved Before ~ Jenny Han

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n and welcome to a new entry!

is it too soon for this? uhm.. I don't really know haha but I wanted to make it, so here is it :P so.. maybe you're wondering why I'm making this, well, is just because I finished a new book (yes, yes, yes!) and I wanted to share it with you!

but why? well, I'm not really sure haha I honestly thought it would be nice.. plus I was dying to do a "wishlist" :D! well, more like "things I wanna read"; so, this is a good chance..

I don't have so much to say, so let's start with this

before I start, I would like to remind you that sadly, this is not gonna be a spoiler-free review T__T in case you're afraid about reading something you don't want to, I'll write the spoilers in a different colour (blue), so I hope you don't mind..

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
well, I was not really excited about this book, but I gave it a try.. I thought it was gonna be a good add to my feb-romantic books list :P plus the cover is really pretty! past year I saw so many people were talking about it, saying it was good or that they wanted to read it.. so.. finally I decided to read it.. and this is the first book I ever read of Jenny Han, so I didn't know what to expect..

what are my thoughts about it? well, it's nice and easy to read, the plot sounded uhm "fine" but I was not really sure it was my type of book..

I have to say that at the begining I was trying to tell myself that I was not going to be hooked to the book, 'cause I was not seeing something really good about it but oh surprise! I found myself reading like crazy.. it was kinda good and all the time I was like ohmygods
'cause I saw so much drama haha and I was totally in for it.. but suddenly all the drama ended and I was kinda confused.. I guess it was just in the background 'cause I expected a lot of fighting and all of that but it was too quiet.. just boiling up, waiting to explode in everyone's faces

at first I was divided by the two "love interests" of the protagonist, Lara Jean, but then I realised something: no fucking way
but at the end of the book (which I finished today, I may add) I saw the big problem with this book: the characters were kinda flat AND the "love interests" were pure and absolute crap, at least for my eyes.. I was disappointed and angry, why on earth those "dreamy" boys were like that? they both sucks, really u___u

so, my final veredict? well, it's a nice book, the plot is not really good and suitable for the readers BUT it's still fine, the main character (Lara Jean) was, sometimes kinda annoying but she was fine.. I mean, again, I saw myself in her (just a little bit, not totally), maybe that's why I didn't hate her but I didn't love her neither..

spoilers ahead!
I feel like I can't talk about this book without some spoilers 'cause at the end I was kinda mad and disappointed about some things..

I don't remember really good, but at the begining of the book it says something about why everyone loves Josh, suddenly she (Lara Jean) says that Margot (her older sister) loves him 'cause everyone else do.. I was like WTF? I don't think that's a valid reason, right? like, it doesn't work like that, but maybe I'm wrong about that part (maybe I didn't read it correctly I mean)..

one thing I did not like about the plot was the "crush" Lara Jean has on Josh, like, yeah, she got over him (sure, sure..) and then she realises she still likes him, I mean, I don't like the topic of "being in love with your sister's bf", like NO, never! you, as a sister, don't do that..

okay, now, the reason I didn't like the males in the story, first, Josh.. well, I have to confess, I liked him at the begining, he sounded really nice and sweet and good, but then, after he received the letter, he started to act strange, I mean, he gave LJ strange "hints", he acted like an older brother, which made LJ angry and sad and sometimes he acted like he really liked her and wanted something else with her; I liked the part when LJ confronts him about his feelings and then he kissed her; I don't really know if he likes/loves her or not, most of the time he was indifferent about her and Peter, but then he was a jealous beast.. he confused me a lot, and honestly I don't know, I think, deep inside, I wished LJ and Josh ended up together :S!

and about Peter.. I didn't like him either 'cause he was, sometimes, so mean with LJ and I think he only made the "contract/pact" with her 'cause he wanted to see a jealous Gen because he loves her.. plus I don't like the fact that he demostrated how much he still cared about his ex, like, do you see each other while you were with LJ? I hope in the next book we'll find out all about those "moments" he had with Gen when he was "dating" LJ..

I honestly was hoping for LJ to say something like "I don't like you Josh 'cause you love Gogo and she loves you back and you belong with her; and I don't like you Peter 'cause you love Gen and she still wants to be with you and you belong together. I deserve something better than being the second choice for someone, I deserve someone who really loves me, I want to be his first choice"; and, what did I received? "oh I love you Peter" bah, srly, disappointing..

okay, here the spoilers are gone, sorry! ohh I hope I didn't sound so bitchy or clingy or annoying in the review of the book haha sorry! is just that I liked it but not loved it..
and obviously I'm wishing the next book will be better, but I doubt it; but I'll find out soon, I want to start it as soon as possible :P


ok, sorry about this, it's a little bit late and now I'm sleepy x___x so I'll come back tomorrow to finish this, okay? I'm really sorry!!