domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016

say that you love me

-Emery Allen

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're havin' a great time n__n
as you know today is the annyversary of the blog! yay! yes, as you can also see to the above image I counted it as the 4th year! ohh my baby blog, I love you! haha

another year passed by and I can't believe I'm still here :P well, I know I have a lot to edit, but I'm doing my best, hope to have everything ready soon!

anyway, I'm kinda excited about a few things, and none of them has to do with Valentine's Day! the first thing: today TWD returned! and I have to say I LOVED tonight's episode! full of action and suspense.. ohgods I really liked it, maybe it's the best episode ever so far! then a new Grimm's season is starting this week! I was dying to watch it *-* and finally, Legends of Tomorrow is airing this week too! haha this week is gonna be awesome!

I really wanted to start a new book, so I could come and talk about it today, but sadly I was too lazy and couldn't decide which one I wanted to read so, no book this time T__T hopefully I'll start it tomorrow ;P

I don't really have much to say, so let's start!

finally I was able to find those little heart shaped candies! they look so cute and taste really good

also I've got some chocolates :P perhaps I won't eat them 'cause now I don't like chocolate x___x I know! it's strange, right? after years and years lovin' chocolate now I can't stand it (well, only a few of them, not all brands :P)

but why on earth did this happen? well, everytime my pressure goes crazy (now that I mention it, since some months ago I haven't felt like that!) my mom gives me chocolate and it drives me mad 'cause I start to get nausea and just want to vomit x__x

well, let's go back to the point: Valentine's day haha so as every year I painted my nails! but you maybe are asking "again? didn't you paint them for Deadpool?" well, yes, but I decided to take off the polish from my left hand (since the right looked way better), just take a look!

yes, this is how my left hand looks like now n__n' with a v-day nail art!
I wanted something easy and pretty so I made this simple design..

I painted three nails with bright pink and then proceeded to make some black mini hearts and dots; then I used black as a base for the other two nails, then used white to make some more hearts and dots, then used pink on them (so the colour would look good and not too opaque), I added some "matte metallic" pink glittery polish on them; at the end I used matte top coat on all of them

I really liked the result and I think they don't look so bad after all :P

well, I guess that's all for now..
thank you so much for follow me in this adventure since 2012! it has been a great time, really n__n and, obviously, there are so many years to come!

thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice week and hope you had or are having a happy Valentine's day!

bye bye! *