viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

[ϟ] not so pinkish after all.. ♡

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hello cutiepies ◕‿‿◕
I wasn't so sure about updating today but.. what the hell, I'm gonna do it anyway..
so.. I don't really know how to start the entries >< I suck at it.. but.. I'm doing my best..

I've been busy these past few days, doing what? reading of course! it's the second weeks of the year and I already read two books❢ I'm on fire❢
I'm just glad about that, I'm planning to read more this year, so I guess it was a good begining, right?

so let's start this new entry..

you know some sales start right after xmas, so I had to go shopping! ∩︿∩

Hello Kitty shoulder bag by Sanrio
well, one of my guilty pleasures is HK; some people just can't believe I like  Sanrio stuff, they find it too "girly" for me.. I always say 'bullshit, I like it'.. sometimes is strange how much HK pink stuff I own (since I prefer dark coloured stuff..), but that doesn't stop me from getting what I like..

the example is right here; I got this cute bag on sale ∩ω∩' it was not so cheap, but also not expensive.. is not really big, so I can carry the essential stuff, like my phone, a coin purse, keys, tissues, lip balm..
I loved the design! the fact that it has black makes it cuter

I love everything about it; the shape and the background (full of HK) of the principal face.. I don't know.. I find it confusing, but is really cute :P
plus the sparkling bow is just very pretty❢ I liked a lot that detail ∩︿∩

and the zipper.. ohmygods it has the cute HK ribbon❢
love every single inch of this pretty bag

I also got these cute socks! aren't they super cute? it was love at first sight..
the fabric is very soft (not the same as the common socks) and shiny.. and the pattern.. wow it's awesome❢ I loved the skulls on it ** and the colours.. ohh they're killing me

okay, as I was at the begining of the entry, I've been reading these days.. you maybe already have a clue which book I read thanks to the previous entry..

Allegiant by Veronica Roth
this is the last book of the Divergent trilogy; and I have to say I was dying to read it..
I saw in goodreads that a lot of people didn't like it.. so many complain about it; but, I still don't have clearly how I feel about it..

about the book; uhm.. I'm gonna be 100% honest, the plot was uhm.. not what I expected, sometimes I got bored; I feel like in the past books the aothor gave us more action and in this one we were expecting the same and it didn't happen.. sometimes I thought it was not easy to comprehend: I had to re-read some lines but, at the end, I understood the idea..

the fact that this book was writen from two perspectives (Tris and Tobias) makes it uhm.. strange; I'm 50/50 about it: in one hand I think it was frustrating and sometimes I got confused 'now who the hell is speaking?', I found myself going back to the start of the chapter to see whose perspective was..
and, in the other hand, I think it was a good idea: we finally get to know Tobias' thoughts, why he does what he does, why he takes his decisions..

maybe is too soon to say it; but I think is my favourite book of the three; maybe it  was a little bit boring (at least for me) but I liked to see how the characters grew up and how they faced the problems..
sometimes it was too much from the same; fights, love issues and trust problems; but I think those are some of the main points of the trilogy..
and we have the "sad" problem of the book; of course I cried! I cried a lot.. but, to be honest, what happened was good for the story and, sorry if this sounds bad, but I liked it ●﹏● I'm not gonna say the reason; 'cause I won't like to spoil it to you.. so.. that's all I'm gonna say..

so, that was all for now❢ I wrote the entry for more than an hour O___O
as always, thanks for passing by/reading
I'm out, Cya' *