martes, 8 de julio de 2014

❧nothing else to say '☥

"But even if the stars and moon collide
I never want you back into my life"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
first of all sorry for being so absent u____u is just beacuse I'm very busy and right now I'm sick >___< again! I can't fucking believe it :(
what have I been doing? uhm.. I'm helping my sister with her baby's 1st year party, is in a few months, but we still have so much things to do!

I don't have so much pictures to edit, so I'm gonna talk about some beauty stuff :P

I really needed a new body cream and since I'm not able to find the one I love anymore (smells like lavender) u___u I decided to try a new one :P

it's called SkinH2O, it has orange, apple, strawberry, lemon, sugar cane and grapefruit for extra dry skin; is not like I have dry skin or something like that is just that the one for "normal skin" had roses smell and I don't like at all that smell u____u'
it smells really good but I haven't tried it yet, so I can't tell if I like it or not..

also my dad got both deaodorants for me.. both of them have bamboo smell; right now I'm content with them, I smell good LOL

past week was my aunt, and two days later, my sis' birthdays so I obviously painted my nails for those ocations n____n

this time I wanted something funny, cute and with that touch of celebration.. so I thought "why not cupcakes?" yeah, I liked the idea so I went for it ◕‿◕

I made some kind of pastel blend as a base, I used pastel pink, pastel purple, blue and mint then I applied white to make a dipped effect (I thought on whipped cream) and then added some colorful dots on it using glittery polishes n____n
for the middle finger I painted my nail with nude polish; then I used bright purple and white to make the cupcake, I added more colorful dots to it and used red to make the cherry on top :P

I have to say I really liked the result n____n I think it turned out really cute and it was easy to make

well, as I said, was my sis' birthday so I wanted to make something special for her.. I made a customized gift bag n___n! maybe that's gonna be the next DIY tutorial I'm gonna show ◕‿◕
so, that was all for now; sorry about the short and shitty entry.. is just that I'm not feeling so good right now u____u
but thanks for passing by! ◕‿◕
Laters, babies

Demi Lovato - I Really Don't Care