viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

✬*woosh! relaxing on the clouds.. ☁

"Head in the clouds
got no weight on my shoulders"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
hope you're having a great day or night.. well well, I've been a little bit busy these past few days plus I've been super lazy! and, of course, happy and sad at the same time.. happy because I finally watched the season finales of some tv series but sad because they are on hiatus now u____u

anyway, a few days ago (maybe two weeks ago..) I rented a game! well, I rented it for my nephews because, my xbox is dead..
maybe you already knew it, or not, but it officially died almost a year ago.. I wanted it to get repaired, but I didn't have time or money to take it so I waited and waited.. finally, on spring break, I took it to a place so the people could take a look and tell me what was wrong with it and how much it will cost me to repair it.. but it was so expensive!

my mom and I decided that I'm gonna wait, maybe till christmas, to get a new one.. it's a shame! I really liked the star wars edition x____x

that's why I haven't had play in a long time.. but my nephews were kind enough to let me play LOL

LEGO The Hobbit
ok, I love lego videogames!  they are so funny and entertaining.. I didn't have the chance to play LEGO Marvel u____u but I had the chance to play The Hobbit and I have to say it was great! but I think they should have waited to the 3rd movie to come out, so the game could have more content

otherwise I got something really cute time ago n____n

Gray Slippers by C&A
wooo! my slippers were really crappy so I got a new pair! I saw these and fell in love, srly..
I love slippers  they are so damn comfy and when I saw these I couldn't resist! I had to get them *-* aren't they super cute?? they are gray and have black dots on them, the texture is very soft and I really like the shape (like a pair of flats!)

like a month ago I was very very happy to finally get a "decent" bun! I've always wanted to get a bun hairstyle that looks okay but my hair is really messy and never stays on its place.. so you can imagine how glad I was about it!

talking about hairstyles, I'm starting the "30 days, 30 braid hairstyles" n____n
I love braids  and is a shame that sometimes I can't make them on my own hair T____T so I always need some help.. gladly my mom and my sis like to help me out.. of course I'm gonna post some pictures of them..

well, sorry about the entry.. is just that I don't have more pictures or something important to tell :P but thank you for passing by!
Laters, babies

Ariana Grande feat Iggy Azalea - Problem