martes, 24 de junio de 2014

♔not biten yet ◍,..,◍

"Like an angel, all a glow
like a feather, you make me float"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
long time without updating! is just because I've been sick -_- well, I'm still sick, but I'm feeling better now.. on sunday I felt like I was dying slowly, but that didn't matter and I watched the True Blood marathon and the new season premiere.. ohshit I missed Eric a lot u____u
I'm also thinking about changing the design of the blog; maybe use lighter colours.. we'll see how it looks like later..

anyway, today I come without imagination and, of course, not so much material.. sorry!
do you remember I mentioned that on the spring break I took care of the dogs of my nephew's dad? finally I decided to show you those fucking gorgeous dogs! so, fall in love please n____n

most of the days we only went to check those two; you already know the black one, his name is Cucuy and, let me introduce to you his sister Niebla (I know they don't have the same parents, they are not even the same race, but they are brothers now) ◕‿◕

okay okay, like three days we had the pleasure to see their new brother Randy, isn't he gorgeous?? I was not able to take a better picture of him 'cause he didn't like the idea of me saying "stay" -_-
but, aren't they super cute?? I just love them!

otherwise, I decided to read a new book a few weeks ago, of course, it's not mine, someone loaned it to me..

Vampire Academy I by Richelle Mead
well, to be honest, I was not excited to read it, I saw the movie came out time ago but it didn't even matter; I saw people talking about these books (on tumblr) but I was not interested on them..
time ago I wanted to give this saga a try (or at least, to the first book) but I was NOT gonna buy the book, why? as I said: I was not interested.. finally someone loaned me the ebook and I started with it..

the book is easy to read, at the begining I was a little bit confused because they said "strigoi, moroi, dampir" and I was like "WTF is that?" but the more I read the more I understood; I've seen some people complaning about the fact that the characters (or least the lead) curse a lot, but I don't mind, it's a young adult book, and I guess real people talk like that, right? we curse a lot. everybody.

about the plot, uhm.. is okay; maybe is not the best vampires book I ever read, but I guess is not so bad; the story is easy to follow and, for me, it was a little bit predictable..
but let's talk about the lead character: Rose Hathaway. well, I liked her, but not too much; I liked the fact that she doesn't need somebody else to save her but I hated the way she manipulated people.. for me, the side characters were plain and not remarkable; I don't really know what do they have that I don't like..

now I'm gonna read the second book, of course, when I have enough time..
well, that's all for now, thanks for passing by!
Laters, babies

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