miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

⚘.. this won't stop '☠

"I said, we'll drown ourselves in misery tonight
white lies, you've worn out all your dancing shoes this time"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, sorry about not being very active here, is just that I don't have anything to say u____u I don't even have pictures to show, but I found some and I edited them n____n

okay, do you remember I talked about the iPoe app? well, I got the Vol.2 for free some months ago :P and finally I decided to show only the first story..

"The eight corpses swung in their chains, a fetid, blackened, hideous, and indistinguishable mass."
as you know I love Edgar Allan Poe  I love his work (maybe not all) and this short story is not one of my favourites, but is okay, I like it; the illustrations are really cool and some of them are interactive
I honestly loved the part where Hop-Frog burned the king & co. LOL

I wanted to put another story on this entry, but I only had this images u____u so I'm gonna talk about other things..
I haven't watch a lot of movies these past few weeks, I only rented two..

Ender's Game: I was not excited to watch this one, I was like "okay, let's rent it" so I wasn't expecting so much of it; the movie was boring and I was like WTF all the time, plus I didn't like the characters, I don't really know why, but they didn't convince me at all.. maybe is because I haven't read the books, but the same happened with Beautiful Creatures: it didn't make me want to read the saga.

I Frankenstein: haha this is my kind of movie :P it reminded me of Van Helsing (btw I love that movie) so I really liked it, even if sometimes all I could think or say was WTF; if you like the movies with monsters and/or magical creatures; the fight between good and evil and a little bit of romance, well, maybe you should check this movie out n____n

do you remember in the previous entry I said I was starting the "30 days, 30 braid hairstyles"? well, I had to re-start it >____< so, the images will have to wait..
I know this entry is short T____T but I'm gonna do it better next time, I swear :P
Laters, babies

My Chemical Romance - Bury Me In Black