jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

ϟ*' swimming on the milky way ★

"turning through sick lullabies
choking on your alibis"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
so.. it's official, ladies and gentlemen.. my phone is broken.. on sunday one piece (should I say another?) broke and got lost.. ohmygods why me? :(
but I decided something: no more phones for me.. at least for now.. why? well, they're not essencial in my life plus I don't need them.. so.. bye bye, rest in peace, whatever..

ohshit right now the weather is really cold!! it feels like it's less than 0°C but I'm not sure haha I guess that's usual here, is winter, so I wasn't expecting less..
anyway, I could say I've been busy, but no, I wasn't.. I was just lazy and didn't know what to write/upload here..
yesterday I went to search the book I've been wanting since forever: Divergent..
guess what? it's sold out.. they don't have any fucking idea when it's gonna arrive, that just piss me off T_____T I need it! I want it so badly.. whyyyyy???

ok ok, before I get mad again, I'll talk about something else..

like two months ago my mom was cleaning her room and she showed me all my stuff (like my Barbie dolls) and I found something I thought I lost.. my Polly Pocket!

ok, yeah, this is actually the only Polly Pocket I own, I was more a 'Barbie girl', it was a ring n____n but I'm afraid I lost the ring LOL
I got it when I was a little girl, my dad bought it to me 'cause I liked it, we were actually on the supermarket buying some stuff for the house; I saw it and he told me to grab it n____n

it's a mermaid, isn't she super cute?? she came inside of an oyster :P you can take her off.. is a shame time erased one of her eyes u____u

I think the 'old style' PP are way cuter than the new ones (bigger and uglier..), but that's my opinion..

hey, sorry about this crappy entry LOL but I don't have edited pictures u____u or something new to tell.. maybe next time :P
thanks for reading/passing by n____n
Laters, babies

The Killers - Mr. Brightside♫