lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

☂tragic play . . ♡

"I carved your name into my arm
so I would remember you"

uhm.. not in mood to write and write.. so I'm gonna start saying that a while ago I wanted to post these pictures haha but I forgot I had them.. yeah, more than one month ago I rented videogames..

Tomb Raider
well, to be honest, I didn't finish it u_____u I had so much crap in my head that I only played a little bit; is good, but not the best I ever played :P I really like Lara Croft (specially the movies, yeah, loved Angelina Jolie as Lara *-* don't judge, 'cause I don't care LOL)

Dance Central 3
uhm.. I prefer Just Dance haha! for me, is funnier and have cooler songs :P I played this one everyday while I had it (5 days) but I got bored really fast x____x

so.. since some time ago I'm dying to get some books! I haven't got new books since january u_____u here's a short list of the books I really want to buy&read :P I want some of them thanks to the coming films LOL maybe I'll be able to read them before I watch the movies n_____n

List of Books I'm planning to Buy&Read:

Cassandra Clare - The Mortal Instruments
-City of Bones
-City of Ashes
-City of Glass
-City of Fallen Angels
-City of Lost Souls

The Infernal Devices
-Clockwork Angel
-Clockwork Prince
-Clockwork Princess (actually is not in my country yet u_____u)

Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson & the Olympians
-The Lightning Thief
-The Sea of Monsters
-The Titan's Curse
-The Battle of the Labyrinth
-The Last Olympian

Veronica Roth
-Divergent (actually, from the trilogy, this is the only one that is available in my country >____<)

Anne Rice - Lives of the Mayfair Witches
-The Witching Hour

well, those are the ones that came to my head haha but I have a bigger list.. :P maybe another day I'll post the ones I missed n____n
anyway, that's all for now..
Laters, babies

Kill Hannah - Scream♫