sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

☀ the sun persists in rising.. ~☁

"Somebody said it was all just a game
but I'm not having fun anymore"

yay! new entry :P I wanted to make this before but I better did the past one n____n'
anyway, these days have been uhm.. almost the same as before.. but I'm really excited, why? of course, my only reason to be happy is: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire n_____n everyday is closer *-* I can almost taste it LOL

they release (on their Instagram account) another exclusive poster! I was dying *-*

"The sun persists in rising. So I make myself stand."

as so many people, I think this one looks uhm.. very "photoshoped", BUT there's this teory (that I'm actually believing) that maybe is one of the paintings Peeta made *-* can you imagine? ohhhh just PERFECT!

I've seen (mostly on tumblr) that "fans" were upset by this "surprise" that it was like nothing o____o they were expecting something more (like Peeta or Finnick)..
but, let's be honest: the story is about Katniss, is not about the romance (it stays in second plane), so I think that being focused in Katniss, the main character, is OK.. is a great surprise.. I don't know why people is "upset", we wanted something, they give it to us, and we say "we wanted another thing"; c'mon guys! we're FANS, we're suposed to support and to be thankful they give us something!

plus, this is about marketing.. so they give us a little bit and, obviously, we want MORE.. the days go by and we are desperate (in my case LOL) to get more and more; maybe they'll give us, every now and then, something else, but we're gonna keep on wanting more and when the movie finally comes out BAM! the theathers are gonna be full! simply as that! :P

anyway, later, another surprise yay! apparently, one of the official soundtrack songs *-* I have to say is beautiful! just loved it :)
Never Let Me Go by Santiago Laserna

no, it's not an official song..

that's one of the things that makes me really happy n____n
and now, talking about movies, I have to say that I'm excited too for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, again, I've been seeing  this too much on tumblr, so I got curious and watched the trailer and OMFG! I really want to watch it! but before, I have to buy the book :P yeah.. I haven't read it yet >____< and I'm dying to.. so I'm gonna buy it and then I'll be happy :P

so.. I think that's all for now..
Laters, babies

Santiago Laserna - Never Let Me Go♫