jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

ϟ ride me like an unicorn ★::☆

"I live my life inside a dream
only waking when I sleep"

I wanted to write before, but I forgot to do it! yesterday time run and I decided to update today :P so.. I've been dying, why? the warm weather T____T worst at night..
anyway, on sunday I was really excited, why? because we were gonna watch the first exclusive teaser trailer, of what? Catching Fire *-* ohh I was dying! I watched the MTV movie awards only for it LOL but they put it almost at the end, so two hours of my life wasted, but the teaser trailer was like OMFG! I want more *-*

I already had an obsession with THG but now is even bigger haha I can't wait to next trailers and ohh the movie *-*

otherwise on monday I read something that made me feel sad, I play Pet Society and The Sims Social, both, on FB.. but they gave the notice several games are gonna shut down on june Y_____Y ohh those are two of the three games I play there, just too bad.. the same happened like a year ago to SuperPoke Pets!
the only thing I can do is enjoy the last few weeks of the games :( thanks EA! u____u

haha you can see up there my cute Oti from PS, dressed as the Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland); as a Bellatrix Lestrange with some plushies (from Harry Potter) and my dear Sim: Dana..
btw, today I'm watching the movies I rented..

The Cabin in the Woods: ohhh, this one reminded me of THG and other movies haha, obviously in a poor, boring and bad version T____T I think the unicorn killing a man with its horn was hilarious and made me laugh :P

A Monster in Paris: ohh I'm watching it right now, but I have to say is boring LOL yeah, we rent kids movies for my niece, but sometimes my mom and I are the only ones who watch them..

so I think that's all for now :P
Laters, babies

Marina and the Diamonds - The State Of Dreaming♫