sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

♡pastel delirium .:✧:.

"And I have fallen from the sky
in a million multi-coloured lies"

a lot of days without posting! I wanted to update before but.. I forgot to LOL
anyway, today I don't have so much to say and don't have many pictures, so I guess is gonna be a short post :P

I've been feeling tired these days.. maybe is too warm and the sun drives me crazy x____x I usually end the day with a horrible headache :(

two weeks ago my mom bought me a cute small cotton candy mine was the blue one.. the pink one was my sis' but I took a photo of both n____n'

I also got some chocolate.. mini Hershey's *-* I just love Cookies&Cream ones  I don't like almond and dark chocolate, so I gave them to my sis and my mom u____u

this week I watched movies, but only two..

Sinister: time ago I rented this movie, but I was not able to watch it! so I rented it again.. I liked the begining, it looked interesting and disturbing, I was intrigued.. it has some scenes where I said "WTF :S" and then the end came.. I think the end blows away everything that was good in the movie, I was like "is that all? REALLY?" T____T so I think, after all, it was NOT a good movie..

Dredd: my mom wanted to watch this one; it is a little bit boring, but I liked all the bloody scenes LOL my mom was like "WTF did I really rent this movie?", it has nice parts but, generally, is boring u____u

since some entries ago I wanted to say this, but I forgot it haha!
I'm finally using my tumblr acc. I joined it months ago but I didn't use it! but now I'm an active user.. you can follow me if you want to :P I'll follow you back n_____n
I also started to re-using DeviantArt, but not too much, so don't get excited LOL you can meet me there too
and today I finally decided to create my weheartit acc n_____n so, again, follow me if you want, as usual, I'll follow you back

so I guess that's all for now..
Laters, babies

Marina and the Diamonds - Plastic Rainbow♫