martes, 23 de abril de 2013

ღ . . meant to fly εїз

"Feel the energy around me it's such a rush
lemme tell ya, oh, hush! makes me blush"

I think this is gettin' usual, right? I wanted to update before T____T but I didn't have the pictures LOL and today I only edited 3, I'm sick and I really don't want to do much.. my throath is burning, my nose is hurt.. I can barely slept in the past nights :( shit.. I hate to feel like this haha

anyway.. I've been obsessed with KitKat chocolate *-* is delicious!  I bought one every week LOL is so addictive.. I could eat one each day :P

I have another big obsession.. Skittles *-* ohhh just love them! specially the wild berry ones..
my sis bought them for me 'cause sometimes I take care of her little puppy (everytime she can't carry the puppy with her)

I think that's all for now, I'm not in mood for more :P and I don't feel really good..
Laters, babies

Jeffree Star - Electric Sugar Pop♫