martes, 9 de abril de 2013

❦. . hello hello kitty ツ

"Crank that and shake that
dancing with my kitty"

haha yessss! HK is coming to my blog :P why? 'cause I love this little cat n____n no matter what people say/think about her, I really like all the Sanrio stuff, specially HK ◕‿◕

so.. I have a little obsession with her.. sometimes I think I own too many HK related stuff, but I see something else and I feel the impulse to buy it.. even the silliest stuff, like what? check it out :P

yeah, Kitty tissues LOL there are so many cute boxes (and I think I still have them) but this one is maybe the cutest, why? is a kitty cupcake *-* and you also can see the tissue, white with small pink kitty faces n____n

wet wipes.. yes! I don't use wet wipes, but these were cheap and loved the fact they had HK on the package.. unfortunately I didn't like the smell LOL

band-aids.. I had to buy these hahaI'm not gonna lie, I used like 10 of them LOL and I don't like pink, but they are so damn cute! ❤____❤

uhm.. a few days ago I got this cute little metallic bag, with kitty's head shape.. I wanted the purplish one, why? I love purple  I still don't know what should I put on it.. maybe money or jewelry..

the last two weeks I watched some movies, as always LOL

-The Barnes: uhm.. the only thing I enjoyed of this movie was Stephen Moyer haha! (even if I don't like Bill on True Blood), I was like WTF? is that real or not? not the best movie I ever watched.. it even was boring..

-Magic Mike: ok, my sis wanted to watch it, so we rented it.. uhm.. is a movie about a striper who wants to be something else than that, he doesn't want to be a striper all his life, but I think (maybe I missed something) they don't show us if he reaches his goal.. I was like WTF, why? 'cause I found this movie senseless and stupid..

-Argo: well, is not the best movie I ever watched.. will I watch it again? no.. is that kind of movies you only watch once (in my case), sometimes it was boring as hell, but I really loved this part: "-what does Argo mean? -I don't know -you don't know? -it means Argo fuck yourself" LOL the best part ever :P

-The Woman: ohhh fuck! I totally regret I rented/watched this one T____T it was boring and stupid.. and the man there made me go crazy and mad :| he was so fuckin' anoying >____< and his family was even worse! anyway, is a bad movie..

so.. that's all for now.. I'm still loving my prev entry LOL
Laters, babies

Blood On The Dance Floor - I ♥ Hello Kitty♫