jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

[❤] one night at Scaris . . ☠

"I know I believe it
and so do my bones"

hello hello!! I wanted to update before (as always T____T) but I didn't have the pictures LOL I went shopping with my mom yesterday and I got really tired, so no time to write here ;P

I think you can figure out what's this entry about, right? Scaris.. City of Frights!
hell yeah! Monster High *-*
ohh I really fucking love those dolls! they are super cute and cool!

maybe since.. october/november I've been crazy about a MH doll, I wanted her so bad! and finally, almost a week ago, I got her! *-*

Skelita Calaveras haha she's super awesome n____n  everytime I see her I see Dia de Muertos and I love that festivity.. all the details look fangtastic! the hands, arms, legs and even the body (I know this 'cause I saw pictures of her.. I keep the dolls on their boxes, strange uh?)

anyway, I love everything about her she's perfect and she's one of the two MG characters/dolls that are on the 1st place of my fav list (the other one is Spectra) :P

I have to say I love the pattern of the Scaris dolls boxes.. even if my first doll box of this collection (Ghoulia Yelps) is not the same as Skelita's.. I mean, this one "shines"..
anyway, just love her, even if she was very expensive T____T but I don't regret it :P

well, that's all for now.. later I'll show what did I buy yesterday :P
Laters, babies

Hellogoodbye - Betrayed By Bones♫