jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

❥hearts, hearts and.. more hearts ❤

"this day I want you to be mine
I'm your blood stained valentine"

so.. one year I posted my first entry! so we can say it's my blog annyversary LOL
I don't like Valentine's day.. I think is really silly :P some people say "I don't like V-day 'cause is a commercial day, I show/spread love everyday", well, that's not my reason, I think all "holidays" are comercial, xmas, halloween, even bdays LOL so.. is stupid to give that reason..

anyway I don't think that matters now, I'm here with a valentine's day post :P

I made a valentine's card for my nephew for his school, he sucks making that kind of stuff (handmade), so he asked me for help :P

a few days ago I made an origami heart bookmarker, I really liked the pattern of the paper, but I think it doesn't look really well u____u

what's best for Valentine's day than some quotes from THG? LOL I took the pictures of my Mockingjay book n____n at the end :P "deep in the meadow" and "Real or not real?" parts ◕‿◕

I think that's all for now, tomorrow I'll bring a new entry, the kind I like LOL
Happy Valentine's day!!
Laters, babies

Murderdolls - Blood-Stained Valentine♫