domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

[+] fix your eyes✮

"When you go would you have the guts to say
'I don't love you like I loved you yesterday'"

hello hello! I wanted to update before (friday) but I was not able to do it u___u yesterday.. well, I was playing Fable III LOL so time went up really fast! so I decided to do it today :P
the other day I was thinking about the blog.. why not update it a few times a week? maybe.. 3 or even 5 :P it has one year and only a few entries! that's sad LOL I'm gonna try to write more often.. starting today n_____n

so.. as I said, I don't like v-day that's the reason why I'm making this post; some people say I'm weird, strange even dumb LOL but, who cares? that means I'm unique!

anyway, about the images.. sad, uh? well, that's something weird about me, a funny fact, I like that kind of stuff: sad, melancholic, etc.. I don't really know why LOL
the first image is from I Don't Love You (video) by My Chemical Romance  my favourite band ever :P I think that song is amazing! and the video.. OMFG is really cool *-*

why that song/image? well, the past month I've been uhm.. a little bit heart-broken LOL so that song makes me feel good haha

about the second.. as I said I like sad images LOL most of the time I'm a happy girl (in my way), but sometimes I get too sentimental and melancholic thing make me feel.. better..
when I took the picture I was thinking about the opposite of conventional v-day feelings, like being loved.. what about the people who is heart-broken on that day? plus I LOVE broken hearts LOL
maybe that's one of the reasons why people say I'm crazy and the strangest girl ever :P

I think that's all for now.. I don'¿t know what else to write/put here.. so..
Laters, babies

My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You♫