jueves, 28 de junio de 2018

always make your heart rainbow!

Hello cutiepies!
hope you're having a great day n__n and welcome to a new entry!

today I'm not feeling quite well u__u my left eye hurts, it feels like something pinched it, most of the time I can't keep it open.. nor closed haha x__x but I'm hoping tomorrow it'll be better..

anyway, today I come to talk about anime, yes, again.. but don't worry! the season is almost over so that means the entries will be less common the next two months, until the summer seasonal anime ends :P

I don't know if this entry will be long or not, but I'll do my best to make it short n__n
so let's start!

first let me talk aboit one of the latest manga volumes that came out two days ago..

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Vol. 4 by CLAMP
ok, allow me to say that Sakura's covers are always beautiful *-* first I wasn't too impressed by this one (I don't like yellow) but slowly I started to like it, not my favourite but  I find it stunning and really pretty!

now, about the content.. since some time ago I noticed this manga has a pattern, I mean the plot of each chapter is always the same but I don't know why I don't find it boring, I actually enjoy this manga a lot *-* maybe 'cause it's super kawaii?

in this volume we start to get more clues about what's really going on, but it also feels like there are a lot of missing pieces; it was funny and interesting, and the art.. ohgods just gorgeous!

as I previously mentioned, the story gets more and more interesting, and the cliffhanger in this volume left me with a lot of questions.. I have an slightly idea of where is the story going to, but at the same time I don't know what's happening

I can't wait to see the next volume's cover.. I'm sure it'll be cute as the others n__n

ok, now here comes the real point of the entry: anime!

Butlers~千年百年物語~ (Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari)
Butlers x Battlers

- 2018 -
Season: 01          Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, School, Supernatural (Rating: PG - 13)
Source: Original

I wanted to watch this anime since it was announced back in november (if I'm not mistaken), it was supposed to air on winter season, but for some reasons I don't know they decided to delay it and so it aired on spring.. I watched the PVs and it looked nice, I have to say that I was kinda excited..

I mean, everything about this screamed "Sebastian" and since my hubby is one of my favs it was pretty obvious I was going to watch Butlers

the story follows two main characters (well, in my opinion is just one but who am I to decide it?), one of them is Jay, an straight-A student, student council president, a boy with a big secret.. the other one is Hayakawa, a talented and charismatic shop assistant, who also hides a secret..

both of them are "Butlers", men who fight supernatural battles, and now they're time travelers trying to discover who is their enemy..

to be completely honest it was, in my humble opinion, the biggest disappointment of the season >__< I had my hopes up high and, ohgods, it was just.. awful u__u

I found it pretty boring since the beginning but I kept on watching.. why? I don't know! but I did.. the characters were flat, even if I liked two of them (Ren and Holmes), I think they are, sadly, forgettable; also their design was.. poor? I mean all of them looked exactly the same, the only differences were the hair and the eye colour.. seriously?

and the plot.. damn, sometimes it didn't make any sense!
it was just boring..

[01x12] 千年百年
"A Thousand Years, a Hundred Years"

through the season we encountered a melancholic Jay, trying to figure out what happened to his sister Tenna and why did he, and Hayakawa were sent 100 years into the future..

one thing that bored me and that I found quite annoying was the fact that Jay was.. uhm.. obsessed with Tenna, and the fact that when he knew his sister's motives, he wasn't capable of understand and move on.. he just wanted to fight agains Hayakawa and that bored me really fast

when the other Butlers appeared it was nice but sadly it turned out to feel useless.. I mean, what did they really do? did they really help Jay and Hayakawa?

and when the "real enemy" made his great entrance.. it was kinda surprising 'cause I didn't see it coming, and when he revealed his reason, well, it was quite.. senseless, I mean, I understood what he wanted to do and why but it felt uhm flat?


it seems that Tenna really died, but before she disappeared she sent Jay and Hayakawa to the future, but she sent Mikuni (he was Jay's school principal) with them..

Mikuni was the man who was after her, he wanted to travel to the past so he could "save" the future by creating a new world.. in the process he was going to destroy the present world and everyone in it

at the end Hayakawa and Jay teamed up and finally Jay understood Tenna's sacrifice and, thanks to the other Butlers (Jay's circle of friends), he was able to get the "key" and sealed the "portal"

at the end it seems that the Butlers lost their powers, all excet Jay and Hayakawa.. also, was that girl in the final scene the reincarnation of Tenna?


so.. this episode felt quite interesting at the beginning, but I don't know why it didn't convince me, I liked the fact that finally Jay admitted his feelings and that he understood he was not alone, but once again it felt flat, hollow..

overall it was bad in my opinion, the biggest disappointment of the season u__u