lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

∾ ..enchanted by illusions '✭

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

𝓗i cutiepies❣ ◕ᴥ◕ 
welcome to a new entry❣ hope you're doing great ∩__∩

okay, I know Ialready said I finally got a new charger, so that means I'm back.. BUT I've been really lazy these past two weeks, also work leaves me out of time, that's why I haven't edited the entries yet, but I promise I'll do it as soon as possible❣

is just that it's harder than I thought it would be haha sometimes I get confused and don't remember what I was going to talk about in certain entry.. but I swear I'll do my best to have the blog ready (actually blogs 'cause this is not the only one I left behind..)

anyway.. today, since is my oldest sister's birthday, my mom and I went to get her present (we didn't had idea what to buy ∪﹏∪ but gladly we found the perfect present❣) and I thought it'd be a good idea to take advantage of the situation and buy my "stuff".. and that's what I'm going to show you today❣

I guess I better start with the entry.. is not gonna be long (or that's what I hope) but I can't wait to show aht I got :P

it's finally time for the monthly release of Black Butler
also, as you can see, I gave in and got the second volume of The Legend of Zelda u﹏u back in december I bougt the first volume and wasn't sure about getting the next ones but I think that I'll get them all just to complete the collection

I haven't read the first volume yet, but I'm planning to do it soon ∩__∩

okay, now to the main point: the 4th volume of Black Butler is finally here❣ *-* the cover features my husbando Sebby once again.. but I really can't complain haha

this time we have Bard in the back and, of course, the sinopsis of the volume ∩__∩

as always it contains a coloured page, this time in yellow, and it features Prince Soma, Agni, Ciel and Sebastian.. also you can see Sebby as the 'Black Racer' 
btw, I have a thing with Sebas-chan and his gloves.. why dear lord, why?


and last, but not least an small glimpse of the art❣
let me tell you something: I love how Sebastian looks like with glasses *-* 
the second pic is one of the fav moments of the volume ∩__∩

otherwise, like two weeks ago my sister got a little surprise for me..

she bought for me a Game of Thrones key chain❣
it's my first merch from GoT so I'm still quite excited and happy about it ∩__∩ I'm not a big fan of the House Lannister, but it's great❣

did you notice that this time I didn't talk about anime? is just that I'm saving it for the next entry :P since I've been quite busy these past few days I decided to only watch the "current airing" anime (seasonal) and one "oldie" that was on my to-watch list..

also I'm thinking about starting another "new" anime T﹏T but I'm not very sure.. maybe it won't be a good idea haha

okay then, since I don't have anything else to say, I guess that's all for now❣
as always thank you so much for reading/passing by ∩__∩ 
have a wonderful week❣ ◕‿◕

⋆:・゚✧bye bye