domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016

Joyeux Noël

-A Christmas Carol ~ Charles Dickens

Hi cutiepies!
welcome to a new entry! hope you're having an awesome day! finally christmas is here *-*
I've been kind of busy, but gladly I'm so here for this :P

I'm thinking that this entry will be really long haha! I have more images than I usually do, so, why don't we start now?

ohh and don't think I forgot it: today I'm gonna show you my xmas tree for this year! is not a big surprise 'cause I put some old ornaments.. so nothing really new..

here is it! I just love my Jack ornaments *-* I made a great choice by making them some years ago, plus they look simply amazing in my black tree!

also this year I got a new tree, actually is an small one, for my bedroom! I decided to make a few ornaments for it..

yes, it's Harry Potter themed!
under the tree I put my wand, my Harry lego figure and my chess piece (yeah, it's from Harry Potter)

I made Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin themed ornaments, plus I made some cute golden snitchs *-* they're kinda simple, but I liked how they ended up looking like, also I made some Deathly Hallows symbols..
in the pic you can see my DH necklace haha

it looks a little bit empty but I didn't had enough time to make more ornaments u__u next year I swear it will look better!

okay okay, I guess it's time to show you the presents I got this time!

I got an Star Wars (ep. VII) t-shirt by my oldest sister, a cute cookie pillow by my middle sister, a skeleton printed gloves and a Deathly Hallows necklace (the one I put in my tree :P) by my niece and two books! *-*

look how cute my new socks are! I loved them all, but the dog printed ones are just too cute to handle haha

I have to explain the story behind the books haha, one of them is a gift by me for me :P and the other one is a present by my mom, I bought them online some days ago, and honestly I didn't think they would arrive before christmas, but they did!

look how gorgeous the paper is *-* plus they came with two bookmarks (the ones are xmas themed..)

the thing about my new books is that I'm not planning to open them soon haha I want to do it after the year ends, 'cause if I do it now I'm sure as hell I'll read them and for now I want to focus on other things n__n' so they'll have to wait, and you too 'cause I'm not telling the titles :P

I just love this bookstore, their bookmarks and plastic bags are the best of the best :P

otherwise, as every year I painted my nails, and I have to say I liked a lot the result, plus they look way better than the past year's ones..

I decided to go with something "easy" but with a niece look: I used red glittery polish as a base then in four nails I used white paint to make some snowflakes and small dots to simulate snow, at the tip of the nail added some more paint to create more snow..

in the ring finger I used white paint to do a "santa coat", added some black dots to make the buttons and the belt, then used golden polish to draw the buckle

this time I didn't use top coat 'cause I tried it in one nail and it messed it up ¬¬ so I had to re-paint it!

as you can see this time I choose a simple design and it ended up looking really pretty!

and last, but not least, let me tell you about the last book I read this year

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (illustrations by John Leech)
I decided to try and read this book, I'm not so fond on classics, but I'm hoping to read more next year (yay! new year's resolution!), and since I wanted to read at least one xmas themed book, and also found it for free on the kindle store, I decided to pick this one up!

only the english version was for free, so I had to read it that way; I have to say that sometimes the lenguage was a little bit hard and I had to search for the meaning of some words, but I made it: I finished it

there's not so much to say about this book 'cause everyone knows the story; but it was certainly nice to finally know the origin of so many adaptations

plus it had the "original illustrations" and they were really good, sadly it only has a few, I would have liked it to have more, but it's okay this way

so overall, it's a good story, it makes you wonder about what christmas means for people and how we can keep the spirit on; also it's a great choice for the season :P sadly it was not the best book I've read so far, I just liked it.. sometimes I found it a little bit boring, but the ghosts worth it

well, I guess that was all for now.. and yes, it ended up being a really long entry, right?
btw sorry about not being able to edit all the entries that need to be edited u__u I'm doing my best!

there's nothing more than to wish you a Merry Christmas, hope your day is full of love, peace and happiness for you and your loved ones

see you in the next entry, and as always thank you for reading/passing by!

 bye bye!