sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

. . and a Happy New Year!

-History Maker ~ Dean Fujioka

Hi cuties!
hope you're having the time of your life :D haha!

so.. here is it.. here we are.. this is the last entry of the year, I guess I'll have a new one tomorrow :P
this year passed by really fast O__O I still can't believe tomorrow we'll be finally in 2017.. and surprisingly I'm looking forward for it, why? well, there are gonna be a lot of good things next year

even if 2016 wasn't the best year of my life, I had a good time, I mean, I found out things I never imagined I'd like, but look at me now, fangirling over them n__n'

and of course! I'm gonna do an entry (or maybe two?) to talk about the best and the worst of 2016 according to my taste.. so keep an eye on the blog you guys!

I already have planned some entries to talk about the things I love (like an special entry for Miraculous Ladybug and another one for Yuri !!! on ice..), and I really want to make them.. probably on january.. who knows?

but okay, let's start the entry before the year ends ;)

I've been quite busy, and I still have some things to do, and yeah, I wanted to paint my nails for this occasion, but it took me more time than I expected >__< but finally they're finished!

I have to be honest: I had something else in mind.. I had them all pianted in white but I tried doing the design and, guess what? it looked awful T__T so I had to paint them all over again..

this time I went for some kind of asymetrical design, since some time ago I wanted to do a stained glass window nail art, I saw the chance this time so I went for it

I liked it, but not so much >__< the colour I used looked stunning, but I don't know, there's something about them that I don't like..

first I used topaz polish to paint a part of the nails; then I made the stained glass thing in some parts of the nails (like only the "halfs", but the thumb nail is completely covered in this effect: I actually used black acrylic paint to do it and then added a little bit of silver and topaz polish to some triangles

it wasn't so complicated, it even was easier than I expected..

otherwise, yesterday my oldest sister bought me a nail polish!

Nail Polish - offbrand
well, yeah, I don't know if it has a brand or not :| it was cheap and, to be honest, I was looking for a polish like that since some time ago..

some people call it "snow effect" polish, but I don't know haha it has some kind of glitter in black and white and in differnt sizes.. I have to say that I liked it a lot!

well well.. it seems that my time has come, uh? finally I'm gonna talk about Yuri !!! on ice!

ユーリ!!! on ICE (Yuri on ice)
Season: 01          Episodes: 12

what can I say about this anime? just that I love it! it's pure perfection *-*
I don't know why I was so hesitant about it.. it ended up being a master piece..

I started to be so obsessed with it that I finished watching the whole season the next day I started it T__T
but you know why? NO REGRETS!

okay so, long story short; this anime is about an ice skater named Katsuki Yuri, and the story begins with him failing and getting the last place in the GPF (Grand Prix Final), obviously that affects him a lot.. so through the season we see him change and grow as a character

what I love about this anime is that, yeah, it's an sport anime BUT it also speaks about love and self superation

but what does this anime so special?
well, I have an endless list.. first of all I think the main character, Yuri K, is the most relatable character ever: he has anxiety and, according to Kubo-sensei (the creator) he is his worst enemy, he has low self steem and finds some kind of "way out" in food.. so Yuri K. is all of us

second, this anime is not afraid of showing/speaking about love, the proof? Victor and Yuri's relationship.. no matter if you see it romantically speaking or not, it is love in its purest state

third, self superation.. it tells us that no matter how bad/hard it seems, you can do whatever the f__k you want to, you only have to try and try, and never give up

(a longer entry about Yoi will come in the future!)

so here are my thoughts about the (season) finale..

[01x12] 超超超がんばらんば!!! グランプリファイナルFS
(Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it! Grand Prix Final Free Skate)
(¡Súper, súper, súper esfuerzo! El programa libre del Grand Prix Final)

first of all, that fucking gif! it gives me lifeeeee!!

well well.. I'll be damned if this is not one of the best finales in history
since the begining it was a roller coaster! I cried, I laughed and my heart broke multiple times..
plus, I was crying since episode 10 T__T oh my heart! myfeelings!

at first I was like "ohgods, is that all? what? why?" but after considering, thinking and looking carefully at it, I get to the conclusion that it was perfect!

plus,as this anime is catalogued as "fanservice" we got one thing we didn't know we wanted till we saw it *-* pair skating! *dyingslowlyinside


ohgods Victor crying? WHAT THE HELL?! my poor baby cried because Yuri told him he was retiring T__T but understand: Yuri wanted to retire because he didn't want to "keep Victor for himself"

Yuri gave us a perfect and flawless performance.. and he breaks Victor world record! also Yurio (Yuri P.) broke Victor's world record on the short program!
Victor finally realises how much he wants to come back to the ice so.. he told Yakov he's coming back at the Russian Nationals *-*

Yurio wins gold and Yuri silver.. the surprise? Yuri is staying another year in figure skating! and asked Victor to stay with him as his coach.. so now Victor is gonna be an skater and a coach, at the same time! how hard that would be?

the best scene ever? Yuri and Victor doing some pair skating at the GPF exhibition *-* here I completely melt.. they looked so cute and so in love.. *-* (I'm actually crying right now haha)
then.. that last scene.. Yuri moved to Russia! to be with his husband and their adopted son Yurio (haha sorry!)

and then the freaking "see you next level" ohmygods! was that a hint? is a second season coming? WTF? give it to me now!


as you can see I really loved this last episode.. it was A-MA-ZING!
I really hope they do a secnd season.. it would be incredible!


well, I only wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, I wish 2017 brings love, hope, peace, health and happiness for you and your loved ones

thank you for your support and for not complaining (haha well, is not like you can actually leave comments on my blog, right? sorry about that!) about my lack of time; thanks for reading (or whatever you do here) and for staying here

have a wonderful New Year! love all of you, really...

bye bye!