viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

Merry Xmas!

-Norman Vincent Peale

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a wonderful time! welcome to the xmas entry!
first of all, Merry Christmas! wish you a lot of love and happiness n__n
I hope you got everything you wished for! this time I'm here to show you my presents :P

whoa.. the year is coming to an end! I can't believe it's almost over.. it went by really fast.. ohmygods I wasted a lot of time haha!

anyway, I don't have so much to say, only that I had a nice night, as always, surrounded by my beloved family n___n and I really hope you had an amazing christmas eve!

honestly I don't know so much to say, so we better start with this

these are my xmas presents of this year :P
just an small amount, but all of them given with love n__n

yes! I've got two black jeans *-* which are always welcome since I love wearing black! they're a MUST HAVE for me

my sis algo gave me these cuties! a dust plug-in for my phone, an stitch wire holder and an amazing gray skull printed scarf!

and, as every year we made a "secret Santa"; well, we actually made two haha one in my house and the other one at my granny's house

in my house (in which the presents are cheap since my nephews buy their presents and also we include our dogs haha) my secret Santa was my nephew! and he gave me this incredible Jack beanie *-*
you can also see the pretty bracelet my sis gave me (just because, thank you sis!)

and who was my secret Santa at my granny's house? well, my niece! and she gave me one of the best presents ever! a cocoa set (which includes two mugs and some cocoa) of Star Wars! and you know what? it's amazing!

by the way, I couldn't resist the urgence to show you the presents I gave.. honestly, they ended up looking super cool! take a look..

Rudolph and Santa themed presents! *-* in case you're wondering I used a real jinglebell for the reindeer and real cotton for the beard :P (in case you're wondering both of them were for my mommy :P and she was afraid to breaking them haha)

ohh I almost forgot to show you my xmas nail art!
this time I went for something super extra easy.. why? because of the lack of time and I also messed up the one I was making, got angry and frustrated and did the first thing I could think of..

I have to say I don't like it, and looks really bad for me.. it's one of the ugliest things I ever made haha srly..
I used a silver holographic polish as a base then I stamped some xmas designs in red and black :|
as I told you: crappy.. I can't wait to take it off haha

well, I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry! can't wait for the next year one haha
hope you're having or had a wonderful christmas!

bye bye!