miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

colder than my heart

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n___n I know I said I was gonna be free this week (more or less.. it doesn't matter now) but oh surprise! I'm still busy T__T I didn't finish in time, so I have a lot to do..

note: the entry won't be finished today (SORRY!) I'll come back later to finish it, okay?


I was thinking about making the entry before but then I remembered the season finale of Scream Queens was coming, so I decided to wait.. so here I am! as I said before I had a lot to say about this tv series, now, finally, it's the right time to let my word river to flow..

so, what do I think about Scream Queens?
at first I was kinda excited about it, but then I started to read abot it: it was some kind of comic series.. it was a "satire" of the new generation, of the teens nowadays.. and yes, those reviews were right: it was funny and in every episode made you laugh at least two or three times..
for me it was also stupid the way that most of the people in there died, like Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande): she was texting her killer! WHAT? I mean, people actually do that? no way!

and all the time I was thinking about who the Red Devil was.. I thought about Grace (like most of people surely did) and then, about her father.. then I knew something was wrong about Gigi and bam! I was right! then everything became strange, there were more than two killers! I'm proud to say I thought about the right person: Hester
yes, st the end she was the one to blame (one point for me, yay!)..

did I like the finale? uhm.. no, I don't think so.. I wanted the killer to pay for what she did; then I liked and also hated the Chanels but the way everything ended up for them was kinda dumb and bad.. I mean, they paid for something they didn't do but at least they were happy in the place they were..

and I srly can't believe evryone believed in what Hester said, like, no one thought about what she was saying.. obviously she prepared everything and nobody realised she was lying haha now I realise everyone in there was stupid T__T

okay, I was going to end the entry today, but I'm realy tired right now, so I'll come back later to edit this, okay? sorry!