lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

ϟ about ME ✖❤✖

"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had"

well, too soon to write here, right? last entry was on aug 3th.. whatever..
I don't really know why I wanted to write.. maybe is only because I feel.. a little bit bad.. angry.. and hurt..
yesterday a person (that I really love) told me a few things that were not really kind..

the point is that person talked really bad about volleyball.. and I LOVE that sport u____u I don't know if that person remembers I used to play it until I got injured..

sometimes I wished so badly I was born in a country where this sport was "important" and popular.. where people who play it have more support and opportunities.. but we can't have everything we want..
so I started to think about those years when I practiced it, I was like.. 12 or 13, and some persons were a little bit rude with me just because I liked and played volleyball..
but.. I was strong and ignored everything..

so.. shit happens.. and you just have to stand up and don't let anything or anyone try to break you down

I'm a volleyball cutie.. and I'm proud of it n_____n

so.. my sis brought a movie called "Chain Letter" and she told me it was good and it was like SAW (I love Saw saga), a gore movie.. the ones I like a lot LOL so I watched it..
what do I have to say? uhm.. is not really good.. I still prefer Saw.. she said I was gonna like it.. but.. the truth is I didn't haha!

that's all for today.. see you next time!

Adam Lambert - Mad World♫