lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

bang bang! 웃❤유

hello hello ◕‿◕ right now I'm bored haha and at the same time, I'm sad.. nervous.. and a little bit happy!

sad 'cause THG dvd/blue-ray release is going to be on august! I want it now :( I wanted it in my bday month.. but.. ohhhh :( *cries

nervous and happy  'cause this sunday (june 3rd) I'm gonna watch finally the MTV Movie Awards! I voted (and still voting LOL) a lot :P maybe you have an idea the movies/scenes I voted for :P
I'm a little bit sick about the fact that KStew and RPattz always win.. they won the last 3 years! so (even knowing I'm a TwiHard) I didn't vote for them haha!

aaaaaand! finally I'm reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.. OMFG! I'm in shock.. but however.. ◕‿◕

".. when you can see nothing but me as if I were the sun and the moon,
when I mean all to you, food, drink, the air you breathe.
Then you will truly be mine.."

Death Cab for Cutie - Meet me on the Equinox♫