jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

~☁ Rainy days.. ☂

haha I wasn't able to access to my acc :( but finally!!
so.. these have been crazy days! first is warm, a lot of sun.. and then BAM!
RAAAAAAIN.. ❤ like a monsoon LOL I just love rain! ❤‿‿❤

my garden looked like a river haha! and my dog wanted to go out and play on the water ¬¬ WTF!

so.. I couldn't resist! I had to take some photos n_____n''
btw, you can see there my beloved rain boots :P

after the rain.. the sun came out.. T______T and it felt really warm! it was hotter than before..
however.. hope the rainy days  continue ◕‿‿◕

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain♫