sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

✮☠ραятч ℓιкε α вιятн∂αч☠✮

hello hello beautiful people ◕‿◕ haha! so.. this wednesday (18th) was my birthday!
it was an amazing day if you ask me :P

and the day after my birthday was my grandmother's birthday LOL party after party.. well, not too much party.. I don't like to celebrate my bday haha! I'm so boring.. yup! u_____u

well, yeah.. some people call me Dani LOL on the images say "Happy Birthday" in spanish, of course..
I took the 1st one on a simple white wall (the banner was made by mi sis) ◕‿◕ and the purple one.. well, my sis got the "Monster High" letters in a party supplies shop.. but I edited the whole image LOL

well, there you can see some of my presents  a star-shaped purple balloon (says Happy Day, plus I made the other stuff.. giant lollipops LOL), a Jack pillow (you also see my purple star and my Twilight inspired pillows) and of course! a Häagen-Dazs Cookies and cream Crunch ◕‿◕ ohh and my beloved Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts on The Amazing Spiderman box haha! btw.. I love Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie ones I gave donuts instead of cake.. ◕‿◕

well.. I think that's all for now..  I had a very wicked bday.. yeah! ◕‿◕

30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane♫