miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

ℒazy days . . 웃❣유

last week was my sis' bday we had bbq sunday.. not really cool.. I don't like my sis' boyfriend.. too stupid if you ask me LOL plus his family (two sisters, his brother-in.law and his sister's son) came.. I mean WTF!

but however.. this week I rented some movies..

1- Don't Look in the Cellar
OMG! if you ever have the opportunity, please, PLEASE don't watch it! really bad u______u I totally regret the rent.. the movie sucks.. they tried to make a horror movie but.. failed! it's boring and looks like a very cheap film.. ew >____<

2- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
well, another Josh Hutcherson movie.. so it's perfect LOL I love him.. and the movie is not bad.. it's cool and I loved everything of it.. I was laughing like crazy.. ◕‿◕

3- Alvin and the Chipmunks 3
this was a movie for my mom and my sister's sons.. so I watched a little bit of it.. I don't like this kind of movies.. so I don't have to say anything about it..

when I rented the movies I also gave the money to get The Hunger Games movie on august.. so I got a red glass.. ohhh I bought an ice cream (Häagen-Dazs Strawberry) too LOL

my mom got some candies (Bocati) for me, I love those! and of course, my peach juice (special edition: The Avengers, Black Widow) ◕‿◕

flavors: pink-strawberry, purple-raspberry, green-lemon
orange-tangerine, yellow-pineapple, blue-mint

see you! ◕‿◕

Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine♫