domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

about books.. ❤

a few days ago, wednesday's last week, I went to watch The Hunger Games ❤
AMAZING! I just fell in love with the movie n___n
I want so bad to read the books.. but.. I was only able to read the 1st one (The Hunger Games)

after watching the movie I wento to the book store, I wanted to buy The Narnia Chronicles 7 (The Last Battle) since some months ago, but the store didn't had it.. so I left them some money and they were gonna get it for me..

this past friday I went for my book.. and I saw they have the 3rd Hunger Games book! so I'm gonna buy it LOL but.. I want the 2nd first u___u

about Narnia.. I started to read it on friday.. yesterday (saturday) I only read 2 chapters.. and today I finished it! I liked it (but I prefer book 4 or 6..), everything was OK but the end.. OMG.. it was a big surprise.. but I didn't like it T___T it was so.. disappointing.. I expected more.. but.. whatever..

hope to find the second book of the hunger games soon..

anything else to say.. so.. bye! ❤

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