martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

I will never forget your fire

-Happily Ever After ~ Kiera Cass

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite absent from here, uh? is just that I've been quite busy and also feeling a little bit lazy x__x but I promise to come to edit the stuff that really needs it.. I just hope to have a little of free time.. my life's a mess haha

anyway, I wanted to do this entry before, but suddenlt I had to make the previous one (which was more important haha), but finally I'm here :P

anyway, I wanted to do this past week 'cause one of my beloved tv series had its season finale.. and, as you know, I like to talk a little bit about them..
so, yeah, American Horror Story: Roanoke came to an end, and I have to say the season felt kinda short :|

I also had some free time to read a book! finally, it was about time! and you know what? I'm really happy with the choice I made: I wanted something short and easy to read, and I found it..

okay okay, I guess we better start with this, right?

American Horror Story: Roanoke
Season: 6          Episodes: 10

so let's start taling about American Horror Story.. this is probably my favourite tv series since it started 6 years ago..

well, as everybody else I have my favourite season and my least liked one.. I would like to say that I liked every single one of them, but I'd be lying :|

this time I put this season in the 5th place, why? well, I'm gonna be completely honest here: it wasn't what I was waiting for
the first episode, when they revealed what is was gonna be about, I found it quite weird and I didn't undertand what was going on.. every episode felt weird, and when the 6th episode aired and they changed a little bit the plot, I was kind of confused and wasn't sure if it was going to work

I have to say I liked all the bloddy parts and all the deaths (some of them were dumb, but whatevs), but suddenly it felt kinda rushed and senseless, then the season finale came..

[6x10] Chapter 10
well, I still don't know what to think about this episode, certainly it wasn't what I was waiting for, but I'm sure about one thing: I didn't like it

I had mixed feeling about the whole season, but at the end it just went down from my perspective; I found this episode quite boring, and the fact that Lana Winters (from Asylum) showed up couldn't save it, and that ending.. it wasn't enough and was kind of dumb for me

and now here come the spoilers!


first of all, they announced that Taisa Farminga was coming back.. then BAM! she appeared in episode 9 and she got killed in the same damn episode.. what? ?? ???

so.. we already knew who the survivor was: Lee
she was taken to a trial 'cause she killed several people, her daughter Flora spoke against her and told that she murderer her father.. but then wise Lee took out her special card: Flora's "insanity" (well, thanks Priscilla!), so Lee was declared innocent..

of course, Flora didn't want to talk to her and she went with her grandparents.. so she won but lost at the same time..

we saw the come back of one of the biggest and most important characters of AHS: Lana Winters (S02 Asylum), she interviewed Lee but there she told her that Flora was missing, guess where she was?

then we saw the freaking "Spirit Chasers" another tv show.. what? after what happened to the whole cast of "Roanoke: three days in hell" and to the three freaking teens that went to the house.. so, why?? why did people still want to go to that house? like, really? and especially while the blood moon is up there? WHAT?

so at the end the Spirit Chsers are in the house and suddenly Lee appears there 'cause she thinks Flora is there.. and guss what? the whole freakin' chasers end up dead

next day Lee is the house with Flora, police is outside.. Flora wants to stay with Priscilla, somehow Lee convinces her to go and live her life, instead she will stay with Priscilla and be her "mom"
she kills herself and stays with the little ghost, the house burns down and one police car takes Flora away; meanwhile in the distance we see the angry ghost getting closer to the freaking burning house..

so, did it end up there or not? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?
it turns out that Flora was the only one left alive? so they fooled us before saying it was Lee?
WHAT? ??


I'm not complete sure if I understood that ending.. what did it mean? what was going on?
as I said, this is NOT the worst season that AHS have had, but it was close
the whole season, and especially the finale, I was like "the f__k?"

plus, I think that when this season was 100% confirmed they said that Matt Bomer was going to be in it.. so, where the fuck was he? I really, really wanted to see him T__T

otherwise, as I said before, I finally had some free time to read a new book!

Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass
this is the companion of the Selection series, it contains four short novellas (The Queen, The Prince, The Guard and The Favorite) and special features

well, I was going to read the other two books that contain two short novellas each one, but I wanted so badly to read this one that I waited till I was able to find someone who could loan it to me.. finally I found somebody!

I'm so glad that this book exists! of course, it's only in english, but it's a great volume for the fans of this series

I loved The Prince and The Favorite, I liked The Queen, but I had some problems with it, and The Guard.. well, I didn't like Aspen so much so it was pretty obvious that his story was not gonna be completely good for me :|