domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

☠Monster High☠

hello hello ◕‿◕
I really love Monster High dolls!! all of them are just too cool & cute ◕‿‿◕
I bought Frankie Stein on october 2010 when they came out on my country.. I fell in love! ❤
I was looking for Draculaura but I didn't find it.. too sad.. but now Frankie is my fav❤

and now I have a new one ◕‿◕ I received it from my sis as a xmas present ❤
is Clawdeen & her pet Crescent, in a soft version, they look just too cute!!
I wanted Frankie (my fav) but she only found Clawdeen, but she's one of my favs too, so it's perfect ❤

now I want the new versions but I can't find them.. guess I'll try to buy one soon :P

Boys Like Girls - Hero/Heroine♫